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strange little girl

keep your eyes on her horizon

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  • andygrrrl@livejournal.com
Hi there! Here's my context:

* I have a masters in Library Management
* I'm also a trained massage therapist and bodyworker
* I'm a pagan
* And a lesbian
* And I live in the UK with my girlfriend, tea_drinker77
* But I'm originally a nice Catholic Midwestern girl.
* I also have a B.A. in literary theory.
* And a minor in French.
*I'm into fandom, sci fi, fantasy, poetry, leftist politics, alternative families, and queer cultures.
* I like knitting, yoga, history, psychology, spirituality, tarot and astrology, cats, hiking, and being extremely dorky

I do a fair bit of processing about my dysfunctional family, but it's always behind a cut. Feel free to friend me if you've got similar interests!